Twylights by Ravenstar

Photo of cylindrical lamp made of poplar on a dock at ocean's edge

The product:

Each Twylight is made from industrial waste poplar that would otherwise be buried or burned.

Poplar is a fast-growing, relatively short lived tree, adapted to poor soils—one of our most sustainable forest resources.

Every Twylight is unique as no two sheets of wood that make up the form and substance of the lamps are alike.

The wood surface is only very lightly hand-sanded, leaving a textured surface complete with lathe and tool marks, insect holes, knots, knotholes and live edges.

Twylights are not surface treated and will age gracefully.

The interior of a Twylight is nearly as “green” as the outside, made with recycled container, concrete, and a low-watt, 10,000 hr light in a ceramic fixture.

Feather or vacuum-brush to clean.

Twylights are handmade in Upper Vaughan, Nova Scotia (a few minutes from Windsor on Highway 14).

warmth, romance, serenity, evening stories, timeless contemplation, serene ambient forest essence, effortless connection to all our relations