IMHO Twylights are more than a passive source of ambient light. In fact they are more than just interesting self-illuminating art/craft objects. I think they are sources of direct connection to Nature, spiritually and emotionally uplifting, sources of comfort and relaxation. But, hey, I’m the guy who makes them, right? Here are what a few, more objective, owners have to say:

LB- “At our (event) on Saturday, we lit your lamp and it made for a truly magical atmosphere.“

RS- “Twylights provide a sense of richness, harmony and pleasure to my body, soul and life.”

DS- “Man o man! I know you are accustomed to this by now, but it got oohs and ahhs aplenty. We turned off all the other lights… A couple of people remarked that it (Twylight) was one of the many elements that made this (event) special…”

P:MD “I leave my Twylights on 24-7 and it imbues my living room with the element of fire and a feeling of warmth which is quite palpable. That sense of warmth is very comforting, welcoming and relaxing. ”

B:M- “…a lamp that stays on all day and nite for me, lighting my way.”

R@Healing Time Wellness Centre- “…We use a Twylight in one of our therapy rooms, it helps provide a wonderful sense of peace and healing. The effects of the Twylight on the walls and ceiling seem to help clients relax when they lie down.”

MS- “I think each of us, in the depths of our ancestral memory, carries an image of firelight, bringer of warmth, lighting the darkness, a calming and healing balm. My Twylight has given me a focal point for meditations, relieves stress by its ambient glow and adds magic to the darkness of my room! Thank you!“

ES- “I always love the magic of my Christmas tree but this year when I took if down I had my beautiful Twylight-the magic is still here! I leave it on at night and often sit with the glow and feel at peace. Thank you David for helping create a sacred place in my home.”

MB- “The golden, subtle glow from my Twylight has been wonderful for “stress relief” after fire or other emergency calls. When I get home my adrenalin is still pumping and I can’t sleep, so the Twylight helps me to relax and recover.“

FC-“We’ve had our Twylight for about a month now and I’ve been meaning to write and say how much we love it ever since we got it. But I’ve been trying to find the words that will convey the beauty and essence of these fine works of art. And I can’t. I cannot describe how glad we are to have one in our living room. So, I will merely say that everyone should have a Twylight in their home. We already want at least one more. Tranquility, serenity, beauty, magic.”

SB-“Recently I was part of a weekend silent retreat in a beautiful part of Nova Scotia. We had a large open space in which we did yoga, meditation, ceremony, healing and sitting in circle. There were conventional lamps available in the space, but we also had 2 of David Cameron’s large Twylights. The aura that filled the space from those vessels was magical– the carved wood, natural rustic finish, artful design–yellow-orange glow, lent an authentically healing ambience to the space. We actually quite missed them when we turned them off for the night!”

C. “It’s lovely and everyone comments on how unique it is and what it makes them think of…forests, fires from camping trips etc. It makes me think of my backpacking trips in the mountains which is interesting as we couldn’t have a fire there. I think it’s the “spirit” side of nature that is in common. Thanks for making your Art.”

CS- …The warm glow of my Twylight is similar to the light of beeswax candles, but without the fire hazard!! Some evenings now, it’s the only light in the room….Thanks for creating such beautiful art!!

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